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The Movie, be a part of film history.

ATMA STUDY poster graphic by Kyle Schmierer Have you ever wondered why you are here on Earth? Or, what happens when you die? Is there life after death? What if you could travel thru time, experience the afterlife, and explore mysterious realms? ... You can.

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The ATMA Study is a groundbreaking film that is an immensely entertaining and fascinating exploration of central questions like these that every person on the planet has. This global movie event is based upon real scientific research of the afterlife.

Join the mission. Support the scientific research into the afterlife.

The movie will not only be groundbreaking in its content and artistry, but also in the way it’s made. The filmmaker, Kyle Schmierer, has a deep passion for the environment and received a Bachelor’s degree in Global Environmental Studies. The movie will be made as “green” as possible. The movie team will actively develop and test methods to make movies that are as environmentally and socially responsible as possible.

NASA photo of earth rise seen from then moon taken from Apollo 8 mission to moon With your help the movie can also be groundbreaking in the way it is financed. Be a part of the movie industry. Be a part of history.  

Filmmaker's Vision

"My life long passion is environmental protection, sustainability and social justice, which are inextricably connected. My mission is to use the powerful medium of film/TV to positively change the world.

I believe that movies can have meaning, passion and profits. Entertainment does not have to be shallow. The best stories have depth and purpose as well as excitement and thrills. The best stories have real three dimensional characters as well as a great plot.

Best of luck to all us all and our only home - planet Earth."

Kyle Schmierer, writer-producer-director

You can read more about solutions to the global environmental crisis - the greatest threat facing human civilization, on my blog – Burning Down Our House.

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